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Contract between breeder and purchaser of pedigree sphynx kitten, being sold on active register
This agreement is between the Cattery Lemuriya, represented by Ella Lovchakova and the Owner in the person of the Cattery ----------------------------- -----------------
The contract enters into force upon both parties signing the agreement
Notarization is not required. Responsibility of the parties established in the Contract of purchase of breeding animal breed the Sphynx
Date of sale: _____ 2015
Conditions Of Contract:
-Owner Confirms that they will contact myself regarding any advice needed in keeping, feeding and welfare of the kitten / cat
- I the breeder can not be held responsible for future development of the kitten / cat or the success of his showing or breeding career.
-I The breeder can not be held responsible for any unknown defects or any genetic disease
-The Kitten is leaving my premises in the best of health and will have had 2 vet health checks before leaving, I the breeder can not be held responsible for any illness or death, I as the breeder can not be liable for any theft of the kitten / cat or any destruction the kitten / cat might cause.
- I do recommend that the purchaser does take the kitten to the vet with in the first three days for a full health check and it will give the new owner the opertunity to register there new kitten with there vet. If the vet finds any problem with the kitten to contact me strait away with a full veterinary report
-In The event if the licensed veterinarian did find a problem with the kitten the kitten should be returned back to myself within 7 days of purchase with a full veterinary report confirming any problem or ill health .I would then offer you a full refund.
- If the Owner does not see fit to take the opportunity to have there kitten vetted then any future claims will not be accepted and a refund is excluded.
Breeder guarantees:
- I, the breeder shall provide new Owner as much advice and support as nee ded on the problems of content and psychology of behavior, breeding and exhibition showing
-the kitten is in good health when leaving my premises
- The kitten is fully vaccinated against all viral diseases, chipping and rabies at the time of sale
- The kitten will leave with all relative paper work ie: 4 generation pedigree, passport, vaccination certificate
The purchaser guarantees:
-purchaser will not re sell, or give the kitten / cat away with out my, written permission.
-purchaser will not sell or give the kitten / cat to a research laboratory.
- Purchaser will not have kitten / cat put to sleep (euthanize) with out my written permission.
- Purchaser will not allow kitten / cat roam freely outside.
- Purchaser will take the up most care and safety of the kitten / cat ie open windows, open doors, balcony or any dangers
- Purchaser will if kitten / cat requires at any time in his life is unwell, or in a accident or needs veterinary treatment a licensed veterinarian will be sought.
- Purchaser will do annual booster for vaccination
- Purchaser will maintain all kitten / cat maintenance including nail trimming, bathing and ear cleaning shall be performed as regularly needed.
- Purchaser will raise the kitten with kindness, respect, love and as much freedom as possible
- Purchaser will / will not use the kitten / cat as open stud and must not / must be castrated if ever needed to be re homed with my written permission. The owner undertakes to ensure that acquired the animal due care and content, such as a balanced diet, timely veterinary service, a regular routine vaccinations. An animal shall not be kept in a cage and have free access to unsecured nets balcony or windows.
If I the breeder receives any information (personally or indirectly) regarding bad treatment of kitten / cat I have every right to take the kitten / cat back with all relevant paper work that the kitten left with and a refund will not be paid.
- Animal will live indoors, without a free walking on the street. If the Breeder receives information (personally or indirectly) about bad content of animal abuse, lack of proper care and care, I, the Breeder have the right to collect the kitten / cat with all the documents without paying the purchaser a refund.
- In case of loss, theft, death, etc of kitten / cat owner shall inform myself, the breeder.
- In change of address, (place of residence), the Owner must inform the myself, the breeder with in a week
- From the moment of payment and signing of this Agreement, the purchaser of a kitten is considered as the rightful owner of the kitten. The kitten then is the property of the purchaser.
- New owner must be responsible regarding breeding and must not allow breeding before the cat is 10 months of age. If there is a valid reason to breed before this age the owner must explain why and it will be in my discretion whether to allow or not at such a young age.
The owner will not have the kitten / cat de clawed (remove the kitten / cat's claws), and will not have the kitten / cat modified by tattooing. Both practices are CRUEL and cause mental damage, as well as physical damage.
- The owner will receive diet sheet and recommendation of feeding kitten / cat and the owner will follow recommendations and adhere to them for the first 4 weeks, then any change of diet has got to be made extremely slowly and must stay on a high protein diet of equal quality as the kitten is accustom to.
Any kittens from the cat in subject, can only be sold from the age 13 weeks plus and must be fully vaccinated before leaving.
KITTENS FROM THIS ANIMAL IS SOLD AS A PET / BREEDINGFEMALE CLASS MUST BE SOLD WITH A CONTRACT ON NO COMPULSORY CASTRATION / COMPULSORY CASTRATION FOR ACHIEVING THE AGE OF 6-7 MONTHS. kittens from the cat in subject, can be sold with breeding wrights in Worldwide. kittens from this animal may be sold for breeding in other countries only with the contract, duplicating contract mother.
Calculation procedure:
- The total amount for purchased by the Owner of the animal is (excluding the cost of sending an animal).
- The sum is paid thus:
1. A Deposit of to reach agreement on the reservation of a kitten *** 30%. ****
2. Before the transfer of the animal paid the remaining amount of.
The total amount includes shipping to Moscow. Subsequent delivery to the courier separately.


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